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Two years after betraying humanity and fleeing the city, Jonas and Anna remain in hiding. Their plans to remake society are slowly progressing, albeit under the constant threat of death.

Victor Korovin is a NExUS agent tasked with eliminating the human scourge. After centuries in the field, his life as a feared enforcer has quieted. He lingers as an unused asset, trapped behind a desk in downtown Seattle.

His accord with Jonas brought an end to the eternal war and marked the official extinction of the human race. The world has enjoyed a lasting peace ever since. That is, until a frightening new foe rises from the ashes.



Thursday Midnight is book two of the Immortal Wake series and the sequel to my debut novel Transient. I had written and published the entire Max and the Multiverse sci-fi comedy series before coming back to pen this book. Why the delay? Because I wanted to improve my writing chops to a point where I could give this story the attention that it deserved.

Transient is a sci-fi noir take on the vampire legend. Thursday Midnight is largely a suspense thriller. I wanted to take the world and characters created by the first novel and dive headfirst into a pacy narrative that yanks the reader from beat to beat. Be warned, this harrowing tale is not for the faint of heart.


Transient (Book 1)
The Mortal Vestige (Book 3)
The Bone Maiden (Prequel Novella)

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