Published on: 3/1/2022
Published by: Mayhematic Press
ISBN eBook: 978-1-954153-05-9
ISBN Paperback: 978-1-954153-06-6


an Immortal Wake Prequel Novella

When darkness fell, everyone feared the maiden.

The Great Onslaught of 2048 marked the end of mortal rule. Decades later, the vampires united to give birth to the Eternal Age. The years in between, known as the Savage Gap, were ravaged by fear and bloodshed.

In a horrifying time where humanity fought to survive, none were able to challenge the rising factions. That is, until vengeance found its champion.

Praise for the Immortal Wake

“Exceptionally well-written, thought-provoking.”
Lex Allen, Readers’ Favorite

“A fascinating take on the vampire mythos.”
Keith Lane, TG Geeks

“A philosophical and cultural foray.”
Victor Acquista, Podfobler Productions

“The world-building … is simply amazing.”
Geoff Habiger, Artemesia Publishing

“Gripping suspense that keeps you reading.”
S.E. Sasaki, author of The Grace Lord Series

Author Notes

The Bone Maiden is a prequel novella that leads into the Immortal Wake book series. When I published The Mortal Vestige (book three) back in early 2020, I had no intention of returning to the saga. I was very satisfied with the trilogy and thought that the story had reached its logical conclusion.

And then Eric messed it all up.

The dedication for this novella reads “This story is Eric’s fault.” Eric Michael Craig is a fellow sci-fi author and a good friend of mine. We hang out fairly often and like to chat over brews, during which we ask deep-dive questions about each other’s works. He’s a big fan of the Immortal Wake and I have given him several inside scoops on the Great Onslaught, the global conflict that sets the entire plot in motion. It’s always fun to ponder brain-teasers and Eric is very good at asking ones that require further exploration. One such question planted a story seed that I couldn’t stop thinking about.

Two years later, that seed became The Bone Maiden.

Eric seems very pleased. On top of earning a dedication, he describes this tale as “a masterful piece of storytelling that captures the brutal history of the Immortal Wake.”

Transient (Book 1)
Thursday Midnight (Book 2)
The Mortal Vestige (Book 3)

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