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Puki Horpocket Presents: Roy

The Most Chaotic Midlife Crisis in Cosmic History

The story of Roy is a dizzying tale of love, loss, and spectacular folly. His colossal midlife crisis would spark The Incident, an infamous period of chaos that paralyzed the largest space station in the universe. With the aid of footage and eyewitness accounts, this book will reconstruct the events that turned a broken man into a folk hero.

Puki Horpocket Presents is a limelight series that profiles extraordinary beings. In this arena, cosmic glory is written in permanent ink.

Roy is available on Kindle and Amazon


Kindle and Paperback Release: May 4th, 2021

Paperback: $9.99 (5/4)

Kindle Pre-Order: $0.99

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“It is controlled chaos, it is sheer lunacy, and it is one of the most original and hilariously funny books I have read in a very long time. … Zachry has taken some of the most illogical and irrational and batsh*t crazy ideas imaginable and carefully crafted them into a novel that deserves to stand next to the likes of Douglas Adams. In short, Roy is simply a work of sheer genius.”
Ben Ragunton, TG Geeks (Full Review)


Greetings, Earthling!

My name is Zachry Wheeler and I’m a science fiction novelist based on Earth. I was chosen to serve as translator for all terrestrial editions of Puki Horpocket Presents, a literary series beloved throughout the universe.

It’s been a great honor.

It’s also been super stressful.

Decoding an alien tongue is daunting at a baseline, let alone through the prestigious lens of Puki Horpocket. He is renowned for his unique blend of commentary, interviews, and dramatic depictions. My job is to stick the landing for human readers. I sincerely hope that I do his words justice, but admittedly, I sometimes feel like a toddler translating Orwell.

The Durangoni Space Station is home to countless species and cultures, and thus, countless lexicons. Some things are universal, like beer. Other things are regional, like atmo barriers on artificial oceans. Some things are truly horrifying and do not warrant translation, regardless of their pop culture equivalents.

I did my best, but aliens be weird, y’all.

Puki Horpocket tales are chock-full of excitement, debauchery, and blatant disregard for delicate sensibilities. Fair warning: the language is lewd and the characters are crude, so keep your wits inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride.


Puki Horpocket Presents is a loosely connected spin-off series from Max and the Multiverse, in that it takes place on the massive Durangoni Space Station from book two. In the aftermath of a frantic confrontation with an ornery snoodlecock, Roy must clean up the mess left by Max, Ross, Zoey, and Perra.

Max and the Multiverse (Book 1)
Max and the Snoodlecock (Book 2 of Max and the Multiverse)
Max and the Banjo Ferret (Book 3 of Max and the Multiverse)

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