tales of greatness told by greatness

Puki Horpocket is a literary titan of cosmic acclaim. His merits are unchallenged, unsurpassed, and unquantifiable. To say that his works are renowned would be to redefine the very notion of fame.


To understand the greatness that is Puki Horpocket, one must first understand the grandeur of the directory.

The Definitive Directory of Durangoni is the panoptic mega-wiki for life aboard the largest space station in the universe. It endures as a testament to the written word, a prism of importance second only to the Bolician opus Antimatter is Weird.

Durangoni is a planet-sized colossus. It houses a trillion active residents, all of whom access the directory for their daily needs. It is free to use and requires a small army of zealous curators to keep it au courant.


Puki Horpocket is one such curator, and assuredly the most famous. He is an editor at large, a roving info warrior who has devoted his life to the directory.

His numerous essays have captivated audiences and reaped countless accolades, including the highly coveted Glorpon Medal for Word Wizardry.

His writings have created wealth, celebrity, and untold prestige. While many of his subjects have risen from disregard to claim their fame, few have managed to seize the collective conscience. This is, of course, why you are here.


Puki Horpocket Presents is a literary series dedicated to the plinths of legend. In this arena, cosmic glory is written in permanent ink.

The goal is to tell incredible true stories while separating fact from fiction, merit from muddle, and reality from outright lunacy.

These are true tales of greatness, as told by greatness.

A triumph! Horpocket shows us time and time again why he is upheld as a literary pillar. He is a living legend, destined to bestow a legacy that endures for eons.

Petrina Orkensaw

Durangoni Weekly

Horpocket is the only author to receive our highest acclaim, the Xira Cone of Brilliance. His writing transcends the physical realm and makes the universe a better place.

Qirona Qo Bezzlemo

Shurroka Lit Society

Puki Horpocket Presents: ROY


The Titanic Midlife Crisis That Terrorized Durangoni

The story of Roy is one fraught with love, loss, danger, and a healthy dose of folly. His titanic midlife crisis would spark The Incident, an infamous period of chaos that ravaged the largest space station in the universe. With the aid of footage and eyewitness accounts, this book will reconstruct the events that turned a broken man into a folk hero.

Coming soon!   The first of many galactic tales of intrigue.

Puki Horpocket Presents is published on Earth in conjunction with acclaimed human author Zachry Wheeler, who serves as translator for all terrestrial editions.

© 2021 : Zachry Wheeler
© ΣΠΞŒ : Puki Horpocket

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