Zachry Wheeler is an active presence on the convention circuit where he gives presentations on writing and publishing. Below is a summary of each.

Writing From Book To Film

Every author dreams of seeing their visions come to life on the big screen. What may seem like an impossible dream can actually be a realistic goal. This talk explores a writer’s role in the film industry and how to leverage your brand to secure a potential movie deal.

The Power of Indie Publishing

Indie or traditional? This simple question is arguably the most significant crossroads for every author. Both paths have their pros and cons, but concessions must be made for the power of indie publishing, a movement that has gained notable favor in recent years.

An Author’s Guide to Marketing

If only we had known that writing was the easy part. Marketing a book is where the real work begins, which can be a colossal time sink for the unprepared. This talk offers tips and guidance on how to build an author brand that sticks out in a crowded marketplace.

An Author’s Guide to Comic Cons

Every author has access to a powerful yet underutilized marketing tool. Comic Conventions offer target-rich environments that are perfect for promos, but it’s not just books on tables. This talk will walk you through the process of building an effective author booth.

Booking Info

All presentations are available in 30/60 minute formats. Zachry is based in New Mexico, open to travel, and can also give talks virtually. Inquire here for scheduling and further details.

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