There was a time in my life when music was my primary creative outlet. I spent a decade in the music industry where I released four studio albums and toured the coastal states.

It all started with Solo Endeavor, a one-man rock band that I formed in college. I released a debut album in 1997 and performed mostly at dive bars with the aid of drum machines. The album is very hard to find these days (due to limited supply and the fact that it was terrible).

I moved to Raleigh, NC after graduation and formed Sydewynder, a hard rock band. I released a second album, Concourse B, which found a decent local following. It was a notable improvement, but far from great. On the flip side, I was able to construct a lively show around the material, which steadily grew the fanbase.

It wasn’t until my third album, Fire Storm, that national radio took notice. Several tracks enjoyed regular play, some of which got featured on MTV and sparked a big wave of interest. I performed regularly and was even booked to open for Godsmack at the RBC Center (a 19K capacity arena), but the show was sadly canceled due to an extention of their tour with Metallica. The prep for this show took a lot out of the band, which never fully recovered. Sydwynder disbanded in 2005.

I moved to Seattle, WA shortly after and formed The Mayhematic, a collaboration project with various DJs that blended hard rock with club rhythm. I released a fourth album as a conceptual EP. It enjoyed decent success, but the act would stall after a few short years on the circuit. I left the city in 2008 and haven’t performed since.

Music was a fun ride and I loved being on stage, but I never found a solid footing in the industry. It remains the most chaotic decade of my life, and even though I am relieved to have it behind me, there will always be a part of me that wants to strap on a Les Paul and step up to the mic.

Sydewynder – final promo shoot

Sydewynder – live in Wilmington, NC

The Mayhematic – live in Seattle, WA


Self-Titled (2006)


Fire Storm (2003)


Concourse B (1999)


Harbinger (1997)

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