Meet the Artist: Bobby Breed
Posted on February 7, 2019

One of the best things about attending fan conventions is the boundless networking opportunities. As an author, one might expect the bulk of new connections to be fellow authors. While they do make up a large part of network building, my favorite hookups are always the artists. After all, there’s a reason why the Artist Alley is named as such.

Most artists at these events are comic-specific. A reasonable expectation, as most attendees are there to meet industry professionals. When you walk by an artist booth, you are almost guaranteed to see Deadpool and Wolverine staring back at you. The subject isn’t so much the draw as the artist’s interpretation. And if you spot an artist with a unique eye for detail, then you may have found a means in which to render the worlds inside your head.

I discovered Bobby Breed at the annual Albuquerque Comic Con. He is a professional artist based in Los Angeles and is a regular presence on the convention circuit. I was immediately drawn to his works when I wandered by his booth. What caught my eye was the delicacy of his style, similar to water color. Most artists at comic cons rely on bold colors and hyper-contrast, so his works definitely stuck out. I struck up a conversation, learned more about his works, and left with a business card.

Fast forward one year and I was wanting to do something special for the next event. My idea was to offer a con-exclusive, basically a limited edition art piece that was only available at the show. I asked Bobby if he would be interested, which he thankfully was. I hired him to create an ensemble portrait for my Max and the Multiverse book series. We kicked around some ideas and he got to work.

The final piece ended up blowing my mind. There they were, the four main characters in their full glory, as interpreted by Breed. It was a thrilling process to witness, from casual banter to a full-blown realization. He printed a small run of posters, each numbered and signed. I offered them as bonuses to bundle buys and moved every last one of them (save for #1, which I kept for myself). It was a smashing success and I cannot thank Breed enough for the experience.

And so, I wanted to shine a spotlight on Breed and show off his incredible work. Below is the piece he created, featuring Zoey, Perra, Max and Ross from the series. These characters have been running through my head for years and it’s cool as hell to see them staring back at me. Stellar work, my friend.

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