Zachry Wheeler, Science Fiction Novelist

Science Fiction Novelist

Max and the Snoodlecock

Max’s misadventure through the multiverse continues, this time with more snark. Ross, Zoey, and Perra return for another wild romp, along with several new faces that only a mother could love.

Having survived a perilous plunge into a lawless underworld, Max emerged as an unlikely hero and secured his spot as the spaceship intern. He and the crew swing by a colossal station for resupply, only to be targeted by unknown assailants.

The resulting shenanigans take them to a roaming planet inside a creepy nebula inhabited by one of the strangest beings in the known universe.

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“… another exciting, fun-filled romp through the imagination of one of the best humorous sci-fi writers of our times.”
Geoff Habiger, Artemesia Publishing

“Holy smokes! Wheeler is the funniest living author I’ve read.”
S. Shane Thomas, Science Fantasy Hub

“Probably the most insane (in a good way) book I’ve read. I enjoyed following this ragtag group of misfits on their journey in this installment. I know the name of the book is Snoodlecock, but I think Phil stole the show.”
– Goodreads


Max and the Snoodlecock is book two in the Max and the Multiverse series and follows our ragtag group of misfits through another wild adventure. Joining them on this romp is a disco chicken named Steve and a fan-favorite character named Phil. I can’t say much about him without ruining the fun, but let’s just say that Phil is as harmless as he is handsy. He remains my favorite character to date and I plan to write him into his own Max and the Multiverse short.

My one and only disclaimer would be that Max and the Multiverse is a comedy series above all else. Many shifts are played for laughs and are not meant to be taken seriously. If you find yourself thinking “But what about…,” I want you to imagine Russell Crowe in a clown suit shouting “Are you not entertained?!”

But if you do have a burning question, please feel free to reach out to me directly. This series is about parallel universes, so anything can be explained with a needlessly extravagant backstory. In fact, answering those questions is the most fun I have as an author.

But What About This: A Max and the Multiverse Retort


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