Published on: 2/17/2020
Published by: Mayhematic Press
ISBN eBook: 978-1-7771184-0-2


Series Box Set (3 Books, 4 Shorts)

An award-winning sci-fi comedy series about a nerdy teen who tumbles through the multiverse.

This box set contains seven titles in the ongoing saga:

Max and the Multiverse (Book 1)

Max is enjoying a spring break all to himself, but then a cosmic mishap throws him into a nutty adventure with a talking cat. They explore new worlds and get entangled in a conflict.

Max and the Snoodlecock (Book 2)

Max and the crew visit a colossal space station for resupply, only to be targeted by unknown assailants. They flee to a creepy nebula inhabited by one of the strangest beings in the universe.

Max and the Banjo Ferret (Book 3)

Max learns a shocking truth about his furry companion while stranded on a jungle planet full of lizard bears. Desperate to reunite with the crew, he plots a daring escape.


Max and the Multiverse Shorts are stand-alone adventures that began as book chapters. Not every parallel universe will make it into the series, but some are funny enough to spawn their own stories. These are those stories, and I hope they make you laugh as hard as I did.

The Item of Monumental Importance (epic fantasy)
Nibblenom Deathtrap (action horror)
Sparkle Pirate (speculative romance)
Hiss Bot Hank (mercenary teams)

Praise for Max and the Multiverse

“One of the finest pieces of sci-fi satire I have ever read.”
Eric Michael Craig, Rivenstone Press

“In my opinion, Zachry Wheeler is the heir apparent to Douglas Adams.”
Ben Ragunton, TG Geeks

“A roller-coaster of a trip, fast-paced and filled with excitement.”
Geoff Habiger, Readers’ Favorite

“A delightful tour de farce! Brilliantly absurd and absurdly brilliant.”
Victor Acquista, Podfobler Productions

“Holy smokes! Wheeler is the funniest living author I’ve read.”
S. Shane Thomas, Science Fantasy Hub

Max and the Multiverse (Book 1)
Max and the Snoodlecock (Book 2)
Max and the Banjo Ferret (Book 3)
The Item of Monumental Importance (Short Story)
Nibblenom Deathtrap (Short Story)
Sparkle Pirate (Short Story)
Hiss Bot Hank (Short Story)

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