An award-winning tech noir series about a dark and distant future.

Each title is available in eBook and Paperback. eBook distribution includes Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Nook, Google, and more. Click on a title below for a full list of outlets and links to purchase.

All titles are also available in the eBook Box Set.

Transient, Book One of the Immortal Wake by Zachry Wheeler


In a dark and distant future, death is obsolete.

Jonas is a transient: a human spy living as an eternal. His mission is simple: always learn, never get caught.

In the year 2578, an immortal regime controls the planet. Endless war has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Desperate to survive, the remaining factions deploy teenage spies, hoping to defeat the enemy from within.

After years in the lion’s den, Jonas has grown to admire the eternal civilization. He is learning to love what he blindly hated, blurring the mission and himself.

But a reckoning is coming. The fates of billions hang in the balance. When the axe falls, Jonas must choose between his family and his species.

Thursday Midnight, Book Two of the Immortal Wake by Zachry Wheeler


Two years after betraying humanity and fleeing the city, Jonas and Anna remain in hiding. Their plans to remake society are slowly progressing, albeit under the constant threat of death.

Victor Korovin is a NExUS agent tasked with eliminating the human scourge. After centuries in the field, his life as a feared enforcer has quieted. He lingers as an unused asset, trapped behind a desk in downtown Seattle.

His accord with Jonas brought an end to the eternal war and marked the official extinction of the human race. The world has enjoyed a lasting peace ever since. That is, until a frightening new foe rises from the ashes.

The Mortal Vestige, Book Three of the Immortal Wake by Zachry Wheeler


The world writhes as a remorseless terror sweeps across the planet. The age of immortals is drawing to a close and the vestige of humanity lies in tatters.

Jonas, the failed leader of the human resistance, is adrift in a world that rejected him.

Having witnessed the cold cruelty of annihilation, he spent hours in a state of debilitating shock. But now he must venture back to the ruins of civilization in search of hope.

The Bone Maiden, An Immortal Wake Prequel Novella by Zachry Wheeler


When darkness fell, everyone feared the maiden.

The Great Onslaught of 2048 marked the end of mortal rule. Decades later, the vampires united to give birth to the Eternal Age. The years in between, known as the Savage Gap, were ravaged by fear and bloodshed.

In a horrifying time where humanity fought to survive, none were able to challenge the rising factions. That is, until vengeance found its champion.

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