I am a science fiction novelist who got thrust into a screenwriting career. I had assumed that my writing skills would translate across mediums, but once I started delving into the process, I quickly learned that I needed help. As with any creative avenue, there is a wealth of self-help books to choose from. Soooo … which one to choose?

I remembered Lindsay J Sedgwick from a writing conference that I had attended. She is an award-winning screenwriter with a stellar reputation in the industry. Her presentation stood out because she demonstrated a keen understanding of the rules and standards while also disseminating them in a clear and coherent manner.

Thus, I decided on her book. And I am SO glad I did.

Write That Script is a gem of practical advice, complete with a conversational approach that reminded me a lot of Stephen King’s On Writing (my go-to source for writing wisdom). This is not a typical “do this, do that” outline with anemic examples. Sedgwick guides you through the entire process from structural breakdowns to character motivations, all while providing thoughtful exercises in order to apply what you learn. She also peppers the book with relevant quotes from famed authors and industry pros, which I found to be compelling and insightful. It really does feel like you are sitting down with Lindsay for a one-on-one.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get a firm grasp on screenwriting, not only from a structural standpoint, but also from a motivational one.

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