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Book One of the Immortal Wake Series

In a dark and distant future, death is obsolete.

Jonas is a transient: a human spy living as an immortal. His mission is simple: always learn, never get caught.

In the year 2578, an eternal regime controls the planet. Perpetual war has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Desperate to survive, the remaining factions deploy teenage spies, hoping to defeat the enemy from within.

After years in the lion’s den, Jonas has grown to admire the immortal civilization. He is learning to love what he blindly hated, blurring the mission and himself.

But a reckoning is coming. The fates of billions hang in the balance. When the axe falls, Jonas must choose between his family and his species.

Transient by Zachry Wheeler

$2.99 Kindle / $9.99 Paperback


Transient is a terrific book. It’s a gem that shows how much raw talent lurks within the Indie Writing Community.”
Brent A. Harris, SFF Author

“… this is a fascinating take on the vampire mythos, one that I didn’t quite expect and was thoroughly engaged after the first chapter.”
TG Geeks

“Not only was Wheeler’s world building creative, but article exerts from the various handbooks keep the reader up to speed without bogging down the story with info dumps. I liked this strategy. Wheeler cleverly used the breaks to build suspense.”
S. Shane Thomas, Science Fantasy Hub

“I have grown very tired of vampire books as it seems the market is just flooded with them. However, this book is a great new take on the lore! I was drawn in immediately and could not stop reading until I finished the book! I highly recommend this book to all sci-fi fans!”
Amazon Reader

“Ultimately, this novel has a deeply humanist message and does a wonderful job exploring the concepts of morality and meaning in a way that refrains from truly choosing sides. Because of the moral ambiguity, the most enthralling aspect of this book was the dilemma and existential crisis of the protagonist, Jonas. We need more novels like this …”
Amazon Reader

“Want a book that will make you think? This is it. I encourage anyone who enjoys different takes on old stories to buy and read this book.”
Ducky Smith, Sci-Fi Roundtable

“… more a philosophical and cultural foray, Transient highlights important observations and criticisms about our current society.”
Victor Acquista, MD, Author/Speaker

“This book was awesome. The author took an old idea and completely tricked it out. The dialogue was great. His details were on point. I felt like he took me on a journey. I have recommended this book to several people. I thought it was just that good.”
Amazon Reader

“Entertaining and thoughtful romp through a dark vision of the future of humanity. Wheeler paints a vivid tableau of unique places populated with engaging characters who draw us into his engrossing tale of friendship, duty, fear and passion. My only complaint is that it ended too soon and left me wanting more.”
Amazon Reader

“Not your normal vampire story. Was spellbound from the beginning. Many unexpected twists and turns with awesome characters. A must read!”
Amazon Reader


Transient is my debut novel, which took ten years to write from concept to publication. It was a labor of love that I never intended to publish, but some timely encouragement convinced me otherwise. Shortly after release, the novel got optioned for a feature film and landed in development for a time. The sudden and unexpected attention launched my author career and the book has ridden a wave of interest ever since. It has even graced the Amazon Bestseller list on several occasions.

Needless to say, it’s been a wild ride.

I cannot thank my readers enough for gifting me the opportunity to continue writing these stories. This novel turned into the Immortal Wake series, which would not exist without your love and support. I can only hope that the books are as rewarding to read as they were to write.

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