Transient Movie

Transient is currently in development with Voltage Pictures (The Hurt Locker, Dallas Buyers Club) to become a feature film. It has been a wild ride so far with lots of twists and turns, so this page will serve as a catch-all for current information.

Last updated: 5/13/2019

How did the movie happen?

I have been an active presence on the convention circuit since the release of Transient back in 2016. I manned an author booth at the 2017 Albuquerque Comic Con, where I was approached by a pair of movie producers. They loved the concept, purchased a book, and secured the film option a few weeks later. A script was written soon after and a development deal was green-lit in the following months.

Have you you seen the screenplay?

Yes, and I was doubly fortunate to work on it as well. The executive producer generated the first several drafts that were used to secure the development deal. I was brought in later for additional edits and polish. The script is faithful to the source material with only minor tweaks for action and pacing, all of which I agree with. It’s a solid screenplay and I am very happy with the current iteration.

Any news on casting or director?

There have been some surprisingly big names attached to the project, many of which have come and gone due to scheduling conflicts. The executive producer did release an official LookBook, which highlights casting targets and production details. Give it a look-see and prepare to drop your jaw.

When does production start?

No idea, to be honest. It got close several times, even generated some casting contracts, but the schedules never lined up. Thus, the project is currently lingering in development. Fingers are crossed that it gets rolling again soon.

First print of the Transient screenplay, signed by myself and executive producer Jim Burleson