Book Three of the Immortal Wake series

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The world writhes as a remorseless terror sweeps across the planet. The age of immortals is drawing to a close and the vestige of humanity lay in tatters.

Jonas, the failed leader of the human resistance, is adrift in a world that rejected him.

Having witnessed the cold cruelty of annihilation, he spent hours in a state of debilitating shock. But now he must venture back to the ruins of civilization in search of hope.

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The Mortal Vestige concludes a very wild ride in my author career. I was utterly unprepared for the success of Transient, and the thought of penning two more novels in a yet-to-be-named series was speculative at best. But now I have reached a point where I cannot imagine the storyline without them. I have dragged this protagonist through hell and back, and I really wanted to witness the end of his journey.

Oddly enough, this book existed as a separate idea before plugging into the Immortal Wake series. Only after finishing Thursday Midnight did I realize how perfectly it melded into the story arch. It caused me to abandon my original idea and pen this version instead. In a very real sense, this book is my first-person descent into madness.