The Item of Monumental Importance

A Max and the Multiverse Short
Available on Kindle

Max shifts between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction, especially for an Earth teen tasked with saving the world.

Joining Max on this epic quest are Zoey, Perra, and Ross the cyborg house cat. Their mission: cleanse a fantastical realm of its dreadful depravities, callous corruption, and general assholery.

*** Includes the first chapter of Max and the Snoodlecock as a continuation of the story. Call it a mission bonus.


“I did laugh out loud on several occasions. Truly, this short story is another worthy of the Douglas Adams mantle.” – Keith Lane, TG Geeks


Max and the Multiverse (Max #1)
Max and the Snoodlecock (Max #2)
Max and the Banjo Ferret (Max #3)