Science Fiction Novelist

The Item of Monumental Importance

Max shifts between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction, especially for a nerdy teen tasked with saving the world.

Max awakes to a wondrous realm that has been cursed by a dark and mysterious corruption. A quest ensues to rescue the kingdom from its impending doom. Along the way, Max and his merry crewmates brave an endless barrage of fantastical tropes.

* Haven’t read the books? No problem! Max and the Multiverse shorts are stand-alone tales that serve as entry points into the series. This short also includes the first chapter of Max and the Snoodlecock as a continuation of the story. Call it a mission bonus.

$0.99 Kindle / $4.99 Paperback


“I did laugh out loud on several occasions. Truly, this short story is another worthy of the Douglas Adams mantle.”
Keith Lane, TG Geeks

“There are a lot of flirtings with different fandoms in this story, and it is done excellently. This is a great, fun read and I recommend this one to anyone who likes sci-fi or fantasy satire.”
Tony Lindblom, SF Author


Max and the Multiverse shorts are stand-alone tales that serve two primary purposes. First, they are alternate doorways into the series, so you don’t need to have read the books in order to enjoy them. And second, they are opportunities to poke fun at other genres through the lens of science fiction. The Item of Monumental Importance is a spoof of epic fantasy.

Other shorts include Nibblenom Deathtrap (action horror) and Sparkle Pirate (speculative romance).


Max and the Multiverse by Zachry Wheeler