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Sparkle Pirate

Max shifts between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction, especially for a nerdy teen lost in an alien prairie.

Max awakes to the sights and sounds of a balmy meadow. It’s a welcome shift for once, so he decides to relax and enjoy it. However, the serene environment seems a bit too serene, and the reveal of his seductive new physique only complicates the affair.

* Haven’t read the books? No problem! Max and the Multiverse shorts are stand-alone tales that serve as entry points into the series. And if you’re hungry for more, this short also includes the first chapter of book one as a springboard into the saga.

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“Zachry has another fun short adventure for Max. Sparkle Pirate takes humorous aim at romance, and again he’s hit the mark.”
Geoff Habiger, Artemesia Publishing

Another delightful romp through the multiverse with Max and friends. The ending surprised and amused me, as always. This series never disappoints.
Amazon Reader

“Sci Fi, Comedy, Fantasy and Romance. A little for everyone … a great peek into the Multiverse that Max and friends travel through.”
Amazon Reader


Max and the Multiverse shorts are stand-alone tales that serve two primary purposes. First, they are alternate doorways into the series, so you don’t need to have read the books in order to enjoy them. And second, they are opportunities to poke fun at other genres through the lens of science fiction. Sparkle Pirate is a spoof of speculative romance.

Other shorts include The Item of Monumental Importance (epic fantasy) and Nibblenom Deathtrap (action horror).


Max and the Multiverse by Zachry Wheeler
Max and the Snoodlecock by Zachry Wheeler
Max and the Banjo Ferret by Zachry Wheeler
The Item of Monumental Importance by Zachry Wheeler

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