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Max and the Multiverse Box Set

A Sci-Fi Comedy Series (3 Books, 3 Shorts)

Futurama meets Rick and Morty! Max and the Multiverse is an award-winning sci-fi comedy series about a bumbling nerd who shifts between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep.

This box set contains six titles in the ongoing saga:

Max and the Multiverse (Book 1)

Max is enjoying a spring break all to himself, but then a bizarre mishap launches him and his talking cat into an epic adventure through the cosmos.

Max and the Snoodlecock (Book 2)

After surviving a perilous plunge into a lawless underworld, Max emerges as an unlikely hero, only to be targeted by unknown assailants.

Max and the Banjo Ferret (Book 3)

Max learns an extraordinary truth about his furry companion, but there is no time to dilly-dally because his crewmates have been captured by a familiar foe.

*** BONUS! ***

This collection also includes three Max and the Multiverse shorts. These are stand-alone tales that poke fun at other genres through the lens of science fiction.

The Item of Monumental Importance (epic fantasy)

Nibblenom Deathtrap (action horror)

Sparkle Pirate (speculative romance)

Max and the Multiverse Box Set by Zachry Wheeler

$6.99 Kindle

“One of the finest pieces of sci-fi satire I have ever read. Anywhere. Bar none.”
Eric Michael Craig, Rivenstone Press


Max and the Multiverse by Zachry Wheeler
Max and the Snoodlecock by Zachry Wheeler
Max and the Banjo Ferret by Zachry Wheeler
The Item of Monumental Importance by Zachry Wheeler

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