Book Three of the Max and the Multiverse series

A wise tiger once said that you should never shift on a world that you don’t want to inhabit for the rest of your life. Good advice, especially when visiting a jungle planet full of lizard bears.

Max learns an extraordinary truth about his furry companion while stranded on said planet, but there is no time to dilly-dally because he and Ross need to find Zoey and Perra, who have been captured by a familiar foe.

The race is on to reunite the crew and unlock the mysteries of the Banjo Ferret.

$2.99 Kindle / $9.99 Paperback


“For me, the best part of Max and the Banjo Ferret — aside from the mighty Tim, The Destroyer of Worlds (long live Ferretianism!) — was the Terramesh. [It] creates a wonderful backdrop to the craziness that takes place and makes this story stand up there with greats of science fiction inventiveness like Asimov, Niven, and Heinlein.”
Geoff Habiger, Artemesia Publishing

“Just when you think that the author can’t top the last book, here he comes with an even better book. Just so creative.”
Amazon Customer