Catalog of Kudos

Just a running list of news, features, reviews, interviews, happenings, and anything else from around the web that concerns the writings of yours truly. You know, because “Look At Me List” sounds a bit pompous and “So I Don’t Forget File” makes me look incompetent.


1/6/2019 : Short story The Item of Monumental Importance released.
10/24/2018 : An Author’s Guide to Comic Cons featured in SWW Sage Anthology.
9/28/2018 : Max and the Multiverse revealed as a finalist in the NM-AZ Book Awards.
8/28/2018 : Fourth novel Max and the Banjo Ferret released.
8/6/2018 : Songwriter Leo Galvez releases theme track for Transient.
5/30/2018 : Q&A about Transient film with The Fussy Librarian.
3/11/2018 : Q&A about Transient film at Jean Cocteau (George RR Martin’s theater).
2/21/2018 : Screenplay for Transient film approved by production.
11/14/2017 : Third novel Max and the Snoodlecock released.
9/15/2017 : LookBook for Transient film released with casting and other details.
6/1/2017 : Voltage Pictures approves development of Transient film.
3/30/2017 : Transient optioned for a feature film.
1/27/2017 : Second novel Max and the Multiverse released.
11/1/2016 : Debut novel Transient released.


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