9/28/2018 : Max and the Multiverse has been revealed as a finalist in the annual NM-AZ Book Awards. The winners will be announced in mid-November.



Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Published on 11/1/2016

Amazon | Kindle | Jean Cocteau

* Feature Film in development with Voltage Pictures (The Hurt Locker, Dallas Buyers Club)

The year is 2578 and immortals control the world. Brutal wars and endless genocide have reduced mankind to a handful of mountain tribes. In order to survive, humans infiltrate the eternal society as transient spies, hoping to uncover a means to regain control of the planet.

Jonas is a young transient deep undercover in downtown Seattle. He lives underground, works at night, and drinks his daily blood rations, just like any normal eternal. He is a model spy, but also an apostate among extremists, torn between ideologies (as well as lovers) from either side.

Allegiances are strained to the breaking point when Jonas bears witness to a violent death that rocks the eternal civilization to its core.

Transient is a terrific book. It’s a gem that shows how much raw talent lurks within the Indy Writing Community. And I heartily recommend it.

Brent A. Harris


Less an action-oriented book and more a philosophical and cultural foray, Transient highlights important observations and criticisms about our current society.

Victor Acquista




Science Fiction, Humor
Published on 1/27/2017
Series: Book One

Amazon | Kindle | Jean Cocteau

* NM-AZ Book Awards Finalist

Max is a teenage gamer with an exceptionally dull life. That is, until a bizarre accident leaves him with the ability to shift between parallel universes, but only when he falls asleep. Every time he wakes, he confronts a distressing new reality, be it talking cats or ’80s pop culture.

But then one day he awakes to a hyper-advanced version of Earth where humans have colonized space. Determined to escape his mundane existence, Max and his cyborg cat venture into the black, only to entangle themselves in an intergalactic conflict.

A ruthless criminal overlord, a corrupt planetary system, an ornery walrus, a secret society of super nerds, and a pair of plucky orange lesbians round out this crazy, clumsy adventure.

Wheeler dedicates this book to Douglas Adams, who he manages to channel with witty, snarky, and offbeat humour.

Keith Lane

TG Geeks

… this is one of the finest pieces of SF satire I have ever read. Anywhere. Bar none. … a well-written and entertaining piece of fiction that deserves to soar to the top of the charts.

Eric Michael Craig




Science Fiction, Humor
Published on 11/14/2017
Series: Book Two

Amazon | Kindle | Jean Cocteau

Max’s misadventures through the multiverse continue, this time with more snark. Ross, Zoey, and Perra return for another wild romp, along with several new faces that only a mother could love.

Having survived the perilous plunge into Hollow Hold, Max emerged as an unlikely hero and earned a coveted title as Perra’s grease monkey intern. He and the crew swing by a colossal space station for resupply, only to be targeted by unknown assailants.

The resulting shenanigans take them to a roaming planet inside a creepy nebula inhabited by one of the strangest beings in the universe. All the while, Max bumbles his way through bizarre new realities, everything from transparent skin to a world without Bob Dylan.

Max and the Snoodlecock did something that I didn’t think was possible–it made me laugh out loud more than Max and the Multiverse did.

Evelyn Lockhart


It was absolutely a wild romp, and I loved it … This book is, if anything, even more fun than Max and the Multiverse.

Jennifer Amon




Science Fiction, Humor
Published on 8/28/2018
Series: Book Three

Amazon | Kindle

A wise tiger once said that you should never shift on a world that you don’t want to inhabit for the rest of your life. Good advice, especially when visiting a jungle planet full of lizard bears.

Picking up where Snoodlecock left off, Max learns an extraordinary truth about his furry companion while stranded on Yankar. However, there is no time to dilly-dally because he and Ross need to figure out how to get back to Zoey and Perra, who have been captured by a familiar foe.

The race is on to reunite the crew and unlock the mysteries of the mighty Banjo Ferret.

The best book ever written in the history of the written word.

Zachry Wheeler

Cocky Author

Okay, so maybe not the best, but certainly a rip roaring rollick with lots of gratuitous humor.

Zachry Wheeler

Humble Author

Gaze upon my visage and despair! Tim

Destroyer of Worlds


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9/28/2018 : Max and the Multiverse revealed as a finalist in the NM-AZ Book Awards.

8/28/2018 : Fourth novel Max and the Banjo Ferret released.

8/6/2018 : Musician Leo Galvez composes theme track for Transient.

5/30/2018 : Interview with The Fussy Librarian about Transient film.

3/11/2018 : Q&A about Transient film at Jean Cocteau (George RR Martin‘s theater).

2/21/2018 : Screenplay for Transient film approved by production.

11/14/2017 : Third novel Max and the Snoodlecock released.

9/15/2017 : LookBook for Transient film released with casting and other details.

6/1/2017 : Voltage Pictures approves development of Transient film.

3/30/2017 : Transient optioned for a feature film.

1/27/2017 : Second novel Max and the Multiverse released.

11/1/2016 : Debut novel Transient released.


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