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Science Fiction Novelist

Progress Peek: Book two of the Immortal Wake series, entitled Thursday Midnight, is currently in beta and is scheduled to be released in summer 2019.


I do love a good nerd fest, so look for me at the following events.

June 14-16, 2019 : Blue Mountain Resort : Ontario, Canada
– Look for my featured author booth throughout the event.
– Saturday 2pm: speaking on The Power of Indie Publishing.
– Saturday 5pm: speaking on Writing From Book to Film.

The Dublin Writers’ Conference
June 21-23, 2019 : Academy Plaza Hotel : Ireland
– Saturday 11:45am: speaking on Writing From Book to Film.

Ming Chen of AMC's Comic Book Men with his copy of Transient

Transient is a terrific book. It’s a gem that shows how much raw talent lurks within the Indy Writing Community.

Brent A. Harris

SF / AH Author

Less an action-oriented book and more a philosophical and cultural foray, Transient highlights important observations and criticisms about our current society.

Victor Acquista

MD / Author / Speaker

Want a book that will make you think? [Transient] is it. … I encourage anyone who enjoys different takes on old stories to buy and read this book.

Ducky Smith

Sci-Fi Roundtable

Wheeler dedicates [Max and the Multiverse] to Douglas Adams, who he manages to channel with witty, snarky, and offbeat humour.

Keith Lane

TG Geeks

[Max and the Multiverse] is one of the finest pieces of SF satire I have ever read. Anywhere. Bar none.

Eric Michael Craig

Rivenstone Press

[Max and the Snoodlecock] Probably the most insane (in a good way) book I’ve read. I enjoyed following this ragtag group of misfits on their journey in this installment. I know the name of the book is Snoodlecock, but I think Phil stole the show.

Phenex Alarius


Wheeler is the funniest living author I’ve read.

S. Shane Thomas

Science Fantasy Hub

For me, the best part of Max and the Banjo Ferret – aside from the mighty Tim, The Destroyer of Worlds (long live Ferretianism!) – was the Terramesh. [It] creates a wonderful backdrop to the craziness that takes place and makes this story stand up there with greats of science fiction inventiveness like Asimov, Niven, and Heinlein.

Geoff Habiger

Artemesia Publishing

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Zachry Wheeler is a science fiction novelist, coffee slayer, and swaggering nerd. He is based in Toronto, Ontario where he is known to lurk around museums and brewpubs.

He has a BSBA in CIS and works as a Web Apps Developer. He owns and operates several online ventures, including BrewChief and The Herrington Post. He dabbles as an extra and has played minor roles on Better Call Saul and Preacher (find him on IMDb). He fronted rock bands as a youngster and released four albums as The Mayhematic and Sydewynder.

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